February 8, 2011

Peskin LaBins

It was supposed to be a so called Christmas Party but it turned out to be a normal hangout with THE GANG coz nobody brought any gifts to exchange or anything to make it look like a Christmas Party event. It was planned way ahead and yet everybody was not prepared for it - probably were just not into a party mode that night coz I think what the guys were thinking were just the freakin' ice cold Redhorse Beer. It was one hell of a night though coz of ' Peskin Labins '- one of the games in Korea that Jihee taught us. We had a blast! - even though we didn't have good food but we had good LAUGHS.. Thanks Jihee for being  a good host!


  1. This place looks so amazing!



  2. love your slippers and the place is really beautiful! :)


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