February 6, 2011


Ever since Bennie was first born there were certain personality traits that were obvious- from the moment she was born, her eyes were wide open taking in everything. And more recently we have noticed certain new behaviors. There's always more trouble than you thought - and more wonderful. She EAT whatever touches her little hands, she makes CLUTTER all over the house - a good alibi though for Moms for not cleaning up coz kids will mess around again if they notice that the house is clean and organize..she won't stop until the drawer is empty, shoe racks have been emptied as well..shoes has been scattered all over the place. good-luck on your LIPSTICK..last time i saw it - it was just inside the drawer, by the time i found it geehhhh it was already pasted on the wall but on the good-side shes developing her Fine Motor skills.

Each week, I see Bennie change so much. But before, it was almost always motor skills: rolling rover, sitting, crawling. Now, we are marvelling at her intellectual growth. But now she wants to get more involved. She wants to turn the pages and lift the flaps. She also likes to choose which book she wants to read. She chooses what cartoon movie she wants to watch or songs to listen to. She can keep herself occupied with her toys for long periods of time- and she loves SINGING a lot.

I wonder in the years to come whether or not these traits will stay true. But what I do know is that I have a beautiful little girl named BENNIE ROXY. (which was named after his late grandpa Benjamin and Roxy which literally meant 'dawn' but Rio thought that its a strong and athletic name for a baby girl )


  1. really looking forward to see this cute liitle bennie:)

  2. She's so cuuute :) I really love the picture with the makeup :P


  3. Bennie is so cute! :) Nice pictures.

  4. i love those photos, they're so cute!!!


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