February 11, 2011


Pre-Valentine date - Its a Friday night, me and Rio decided to eat out for dinner and make plans for Valentines day..We have this thing in common every-time we go out and eat - we want to go to places or restaurants that we haven't tried yet to make every single date or dinner memorable and always wanting to try something new.Although unknowingly there are times that we don't make smart decisions in choosing the place but Its a good habit though for trying something new so you can at least compare the food/ services each resto has to offer. We know that everything is more expensive today, and eating out is no exception but its a need also to treat ourselves once in a while. Anyways, the dinner ended well and we were able to make plans for the V. day..! CIAO..!!

have you ever wondered who took this shot? thanks to kuya security.. :) good job..
it took us a few minutes before we got this picture since the door kept on opening..at last we had a good one!

what are you staring on that side ? my eyes look like emily rose's eyes..
just the eyes- not the whole exorcism thing..