February 18, 2011

the long wait..

Finally...the long wait has ended..been longing to have one and at last gotcha! I couldn't believe how quickly I got my new camera, we are expecting to have one this April but since I've cut all the shopping spree and all the girl stuffs that I used to do thats why we have one sooner than expected- no regrets though, its definitely worth it! Been saving for this for like a month and a half .For the past few weeks I was hopping with excitement until I got my hands on it..Oh! By the way, it's a Canon 500D. As of yesterday morning, Louise (the seller) announced that I will be meeting with her late that afternoon since the camera is on its way. It was like a relief! at last its here..the long wait has ended..We then went to Busay to make our first shots - it was a long drive but it was fun and the fresh air is incredible. Anyway, it was around 4pm and the sun was almost out so it was a lil dark so the pics that we took aren't as sharp and crisp as I would like. Could be the settings on the camera, but could be the lack of light too. I wish it was more basic, like click this button for less light, flip this switch for more light. It's always gotta be so freakin complicated. But Im really patient when it comes to this things..In few months time, I will become a good photographer - wannabe..who knows I might the girl who will take your wedding pictures, birthday celeb, pren-up pictures.

 were a big fan of vampire diaries thats why rio wanted me to pose this way since one of the cover of the tv series, the cast posed this way. :)


  1. Congratulations! I am also saving up for a DSLR. :)

    P.S. your shoes are way too cute.

  2. you look lovely. Pretty dress.xx


  3. these pictures are so cute! love them :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  4. Cute dress dear!

    p.s.: Last chance to enter my giveaway!


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