February 21, 2011

Bonding time..

A night with High School buddies..

February 19 - Fheb's post bday celebration. Finally had a chance to attend this at last. Im still dwelling on the last 2 events that I wasn't able to join. Though it was way off the said time -  coz it was supposed to be 7pm and I came around 10pm, you know were Filipinos and we have this so called thing " Filipino Time"- it runs thru the blood. Sorry for being late guys but didn't miss anything. hahaha!! Good to see the high school buddies again, not to mention Patricia who is based in Manila flew here to join the gang, Jerby compromised a days shift & was absent for work (keep it up!), Donna - who just showed up for like 2 years from the day she got back from Yemen (FYI she flew to Yemen to sing!), Shirley who organized this event, Fhebot for the 3 hour videoke treat and thanks to ME for the pictures- as always photographer mode (leave everything behind but not the Camera).

 wheeww! it still feels like high school AGAIN, especially when we talk about time (we're always late, that is! - remember  ' the Diary ' + TARDY)..when the drinking began, we started picking on each other and we can't really help but laugh at how silly we were during the teen years..talking about ex-gfs and bfs, crushes and all that jazz...although there were some who didn't make it,expect that you were one of the subjects that night - thats how it goes..

Overall, it was amazing.  Though the food wasn't that great (Donna ate a cold fish fillet) but it was really the whole experience that made the night.If you do go there, definitely get the cheese stick, it really left a good impression..It was a fun night, such a stress reliever to be with these people. Can't wait for the next get together,hopefully this april..As per Shirley, well hope to have more of this since Shiela will be coming home for the first time in 10 years. We'll definitely plan a beach party since it will be summer by then. 

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