February 14, 2011

vday day / spa date

It's Valentines day everyone!!! As you know, this is the time of year where people expresses love for each other..Not everyone is creative when it comes to love, but there are all kinds of different and unique things you can do to show someone you care.Not everyone has a good Valentine’s Day, and the gift that you give can MAKE it or BREAK it.. No matter where you are the most common offerings are still flowers, chocolates, and cards Some people like to break with tradition and get their love something that’s completely unique and different, making it very memorable for both parties and something that they can treasure in the future.

We usually eat out like a dinner date on V-day..but this year we decided to celebrate it differently. Earlier that morning, Rio left the house to run some errands while I was on the computer finishing up something for work. We had plans but never talked about it after the dinner few days before that. I never thought that he was up to something when he left the house. I was surprised when he came home with 2 bouquets - 1 for Bennie and 1 for me.. thanks Langga for the flowers! He then told me about his plans for the night and actually had a place in mind, he even booked a reservation already - never imagined that he was able to plan all this. He wanted us to have a SPA DATE - sauna + full body massage. It was one of the most romantic date we had. We got one the VIP/ couple room they had. The place was really cozy & relaxing.

Overall, we felt very relaxed. It was one of the best date ever. 

Tired of chocolate, flowers, and silly cards with chokingly sentimental thoughts? It might be better if you looked for something unique to give to your valentine. Skip the Valentine’s Day aisle and get something that the person really wants.

10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day
If you’re lost as to how to spend Valentine’s Day, here are ten suggestions for you: 
1.     Take the entire day off. Devote it to one another.
2. Have another honeymoon. Even if it’s only in your local area and for a night, you can make it memorable.
3. Break the rules and celebrate all week long. Do something romantic and different each day.
4. Be kids again. Get some boxes of kid’s valentine cards and write romantic notes to each other.
5. Have a romantic movie marathon with your favorite foods to snack on.
6. Head off for some private time with a romantic game. There are many of them available.
7. Serve your significant other breakfast in bed.
8. Shower your bedroom in rose petals.
9. Plan a cozy lunch at a romantic restaurant, but make sure that you book your table in advance to avoid standing in line.
10. Have dinner at home by the fireplace, or light candles and have romantic music.


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