February 1, 2011

Relax & Learn

It's no secret that we had fun that day. It was an unplanned day out, it was a long & winding road but kinda worth it. It was really not new to me since I had been into 5 ziplines already. but whats important was the quality time spent together with Rio's family, though were not complete since some of the siblings werent able to join us. But anyways, it was a fun Saturday afternoon.. 

The zip line was waaaayyyyy FUN. So this is how it works - they put you in a harness, strap a helmet on your head, and then a free-rolling pullet,your ride,hooks over a steel cable and safety straps connect you to a pulley (it CAN'T break). Then you step off the platform and WOW! down down down you go..flying like a bird over the deep mountains of Balamban.

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