July 19, 2011


What do you think of when the Rocky Mountains are mentioned? Forests of tall, green trees? Rushing rivers and waterfalls? Sea breeze..

Yup, they’re all there.

And we’ve got the pictures to prove it! 

It was a long trip..it took us 2 days travelling south of Cebu.  It was once in a lifetime trip, though I've lived in Cebu my entire life but haven't got a chance to do this kind of trip it was like visiting from town to town, checking out the important events that had happened..quality time together.. :)

Humans do tremendously dangerous things in their everyday lives – they drive cars, climb ladders, breathe in all kinds of germs on The Underground, get drunk, change lightbulbs, eat undercooked meat, climb aboard a jet plane or take leaky wooden boats over high seas with no radio.  We can’t (and shouldn’t) stop them doing these things..Working in the city may have its compensations, but looking out the window sometimes we dream of a different lifestyle. 

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  1. your blog is terrific. love the amazing quality of photos, and you have a cute style. new follower from usa, and i'd be honored if you would connect with me, too! hoping to stay connected. cheers!



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